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Our Flagship Service

Making You Look Much Better in Google Search Results

Page1.me can cause unfavorable Google search results, for your name or brand, to lose their existing high rank, and replaced with positive content.

We do this by boosting your existing and future low ranking content.

Search Results Content Buffer

By creating a fresh inventory of engaging and relevant online content, which relates directly to your name or business, we can give you back control of Google and other search results in both the immediate and distant future. These robust, tailored, online content buffers will season with age improving further with occasional updates, progressively rising in search engine rankings. Our native English speaking, Australian, American and Canadian social engagement and search manipulation experts provide one-on-one executive consulting and authorship services.

SEO and PR Agencies who create content in house, can engage Page1.me for project collaboration.

Social Network Optimization

The popular social networking services should rank high for your name and business, if not, you probably broke something, or maybe you have never established profiles. Let us audit and supercharge your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other profiles.  We can perform a one-time set-up and optimization, or, if you would rather opt-out of personal participation, we can assign a dedicated social engagement consultant for month-to-month maintenance, to make sure you don’t lose social momentum and influence trajectory.

Targeted Back-Linking

The importance of quality back-links cannot be overstated! Google’s ranking criteria relies heavily on the number of quality “back-links” to your content. We can surgically target your important pages for rank boosting with high-quality link referrals. But, we do this without using spammy links, because they cause severe penalties from Google. We have strategic relationships with many quality website administrators, this “who-you-know” advantage is one of Page1.me’s main distinctions over competitors, and explains our high success rate.

If you are already working with an SEO agency, we can collaborate with them to ensure we don’t overlap or “over do” the linking activities.

Improving Online Reviews

Review websites such as Yelp, BBB and Tripadvisor command top placement in search results. Christie, our malicious review, super-girl, equalizer, knows which buttons to push to persuade the review site moderators to see reason, and filter out fake and unreasonable negative reviews.

Problems in Online Review Sites are like wildfire, because many other sites “scrape” these negative reviews and they are republished, including “Google Places”. As such, it is important to put out the fire at its source. We can help.

Website Optimization

If you do not have a branded website, you need to make one. If your website doesn’t hold pride of place in search results for your brand, then it is likely because there’s something broken inside. Let us fix it for you.

This site should have an overview of your service, clear contact instructions, and a section tagged for reviews and feedback. Naturally, your website should be keyword optimized for your brand, your executives’ names, and products or services.

Your page1.me team can advise you on any glaring deficiencies that may be frustrating your ranking efforts. Alternatively, our team refer you to trusted partners who can do any or all of the above, including building new, optimized websites that meet industry best-practices for search superiority.

Google Image Preview Problems

If you do not like image previews, as displayed by Google, then we can help. We can remove the irrelevant, misleading and embarrassing images from Google search results pages, and replace them with something more flattering. We can elevate existing, or upload new targeted images.

YouTube Videos in Search Results

Much like images, Google loves videos, but it doesn’t always display your first choice. Let us persuade Google to replace existing video previews with something more helpful to your business. Clients can request our “how to” guide to optimizing your new or existing videos, or we can do it for you.

Investigations and Litigation Support

If your online reputation is being attacked by known or anonymous antagonists, then our investigative and litigation support division can help positively identify your attackers. Page1.me’s founder. Michael Roberts is a licensed private investigator, he is described in the media as “The World’s First Internet Bounty Hunter”.

We can also advise on the various legislative remedies that may be available to you, depending on your jurisdiction or nationality.

Miscellaneous Services

Our team has extensive experience with most aspects of e-commerce, online engagement, as well as solving problems related to the dark-side of the web, here are just a few examples:

  • Removing fake or pirated products from Amazon, eBay and Google search shopping previews.
  • e-book publishing for quick search ranking results through Amazon’s domain strength
  • Mistaken Identity? If there is a registered sex offender or criminal who shares your name, we can help clarify to avoid confusion.
  • Job seeker and due diligence sanitization, did you make some poor life choices when younger, have you been falsely accused? We can sanitize search results
  • Counter-surveillance: Who is searching for you? We can build a high ranking profile embedded with legal counter-surveillance tools that will allow you to see who is searching for you, where they are from and what aspects of your life they are snooping for. This is great for college applicants and job search candidates. We can even send you real time alerts as soon as the new visitors arrive.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t do spam, black-hat, false reviews, revenge, malice or serve any of the following industries: Pornography, prostitution; the occult, gambling, scams, human trafficking, illegal drugs, discount medicines, or any activities that undermine traditional family values.