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It Pays For Itself!

Page1.me ROI

In most cases, these fees will be recovered entirely within 3-4 months, or sooner, because:
(a) your losses will decrease as we improve your search results AND;
(b) your sales will increase as we rapidly expand your inbound sales funnel. Our team will analyse your web presence and send you regular “to-dos” and fixes. This ongoing, one-on-one consulting is included in our fees.
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What is Page1.me?

Page1.me quickly removes undesirable defamation and negative news stories from Google search results. It is designed for individuals or organizations who need to repair first-page Google search results for their name or brands.


We will go far beyond repairing your problem search results; you will enjoy measurable increases in sales and new customer acquisition, far beyond the modest fees we charge.

Page1.me Founder Michael Roberts featured on Fox5

How it works?

Simply enter your problem search term in the text box above and click «Show My Google Search Results». You'll then see an obligation-free quote. If you agree with the project review duration and price, just sign up, and we do the rest.

  • — No locked-in contracts, you can cancel at any time
  • — No setup fees.
  • — Monitor your results in the client dashboard.

So what's the catch?

There are no catches. You submit your problem and we get to work. When Google is sanitized of undesirable results, you can either terminate the project with nothing more to pay; or continue with maintenance which (a) helps keep the rankings suppressed for longer and (b) helps protect against future threats from new negative publications. Maintenance mode costs 50% of the initial monthly active project phase. The maintenance plan includes ongoing dashboard monitoring.

It pays for itself.

Because our process elevates positive content about your business, you may find that your sales increase beyond the Page1.me fees.

I tried other solutions, why does yours work?

Page1.me's proprietary system of search suppression methods that are acceptable to Google's “web-spam” team; thus avoiding scrutiny and penalties by Google. We avoid even the appearances of “Black-Hat SEO” techniques which can lead to disastrous outcomes. These penalties occur when SEO or Online Reputation Management (“ORM”) vendors promise almost immediate results but use quick and “spammy” tactics. Although rapid results can be achieved, these abnormal changes are the indicators that Google’s team looks for when applying penalties, they almost always end badly.

Page1.me is an outcome based service, as opposed to process-based. Every case is different, as such our expert team of analysts and search suppression practitioners adapts tactically to your project. Many of our methods are generally accepted Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) techniques, offered by thousands of vendors worldwide, but augmented with the Page1.me team’s proprietary monitoring and suppression solution.

With Page1.me, you are no longer at the mercy of those who are trying to destroy your reputation. There is no risk to you and everything to gain. Get started now by checking your problem search terms above.

How Page1.me improves your search results

Reputation Recover Planning

Tell us which search results are hurting you
You probably have a mixture of positive and negative search results; tell us which-is-which so we know which ones to target for “Search Engine Surgery”.


We begin reordering Your search engine results
Based on the information you provided, we will execute a systematic search engine suppression campaign against the unfavourable search results.


First impressions are crucial - We make it better
Google 1st page search results can make or break a modern business. Within a few weeks, you should see a significant increase in profits and less opportunities lost.

Most cases are resolved within 8 - 12 weeks

With all indesirable results being pushed down to page2 of Google or beyond
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Page1.me has extensive experience with:

Personal Reputation


Entrepreneurs, executives and professional individuals who have had their careers destroyed, by malicious, anonymous individuals, who post false reviews or allegations.
ORM for Business


Internet based brand defamation campaigns are a clear and present danger to the viability of almost any business, large or small, with respect to maintaining and increasing revenues.
ORM agencies


Page1.me provides white label services to crisis management, public relations, such as optimisation, another related vertical segments. Simply contact us for more information.
Page1 is simple
It Is This Simple:

  1. A few keystrokes will reveal the state of your online reputation
  2. A few more clicks generates a custom quote to redeem your good name from Googliath’s clutches