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Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how we successfully repaired the online reputation of Page1 clients.

RipOffReport pushed to second page within 5 weeks

In this case, an entrepreneur was struggling with catastrophic damages as a consequence of false and malicious allegations that had been posted on the notorious website RipOffReport.com. One particular complaint page was consistently appearing in at the top of page 1 for Google search results for the individual’s name. There were three additional reviews which ranked on page 2, though occasionally jumping up to the first page. An objective review of the allegations, would lead any educated person to conclude they were false because the alleged facts simply did not stack up. Notwithstanding, the client was still struggling to hold existing clients, and gain new clients due to prominent positioning of the outrageous allegations.

Page1.me began working on the case on 6 December, and by mid-January we were able to push the result down to the second page of Google. In response, the RipoffReport administrators made some changes to the page in order to optimize it once again, but page1.me defeated those efforts within two weeks. Since early February 2016, the first page of Google for this particular client has been completely clear of the damaging results, with the most damaging pages pushed far beyond the third page of Google.

.Gov Disciplinary Action Misrepresented by Google

Unfavourable search results appearing on government websites (.gov) can be very difficult to shift, this is because Google gives very high authority to education and government institutions. Sometimes, routine reporting or disciplinary reports appear on Google, but are presented out of context to the truth, and therefore inaccurately. Because Google snippets randomly choose only two lines of text, it can make an innocent third-party who was mentioned in the case, appear as the actual offender in the disciplinary action.

In this case, the client had for several years contended problems caused by search results on the US Securities and Exchange Commission website. He had hired many search engine optimisation agencies to try and resolve the issue, but to no avail. Traditional SEO had been able to move the unfavourable result from position 2, down to position 8, but it seemed to be super glued in this position. Page1.me was able to completely sanitise the first page of Google within three weeks, with the occasional spike thereafter. But from late January 2016 onwards, the targeted search result has been well and truly relegated to the “Google ghettos” (in other words ranking very low)

Investment Advisor and Speaker Hammered by RipOffReport.com

This is another interesting case where an author and public speaker was struggling to gain new enrollments for his seminars, and subscriptions. This was a direct consequence of an egregious RipOffReport.com posting about this well-known personality, which was appearing in #1 of Google search. According to Google, as many as 90% of individuals who are considering purchasing services, will “Google” the vendor as part of their due diligence efforts. As such, it was impossible for this particular client to know how much business he was losing because of the defamatory search results.

In October 2014, page1.me but was able to rapidly suppress the defamatory results from position #1, all the way down to position #9 within one month. Thereafter, there were ups and downs as Google tweaked its search algorithm for several weeks. In January 2015, after carefully analyzing the results of Google’s algorithm changes, the page1.me team was able to begin a second rapid downward trajectory of the unfavorable result, resulting in successful suppression of the ripoff report page. Between March and May 2015, the search ranking was at worst position in #9, and at best position #15. The “Mobilegeddon” algorithm changes in late April 2015, resulted in a short-term spike of the result back to position five, but in mid-May the downward trajectory began once again towards a sanitized first page of Google. Due to financial constraints, the client canceled the case on 20th of May, it will be interesting to watch what happens to the result in the coming months.

USCourts.Gov Result Suppressed But Client Cancels

This is a very interesting case where we were able to suppress unfavorable search results, relating to a conviction for wire fraud and the subsequent appeal. The case was almost 7 years old and the client in question was in the process of rebuilding his life in the United Arab Emirates. He specifically requested that we suppress the high-ranking results, and we did so a full month ahead of schedule. There was a short-term spike in the results due to an arbitrary change in Google search algorithm. Page1.me was able to compensate for the algorithm change, and restore the suppressed position and initial downward trajectory of the unfavorable search result.

On 18th of May 2015, the client instructed page1.me to terminate all work on the case. Presumably for financial reasons. The following is a screenshot taken on 18th of May, and subsequent updates will be added as we watch to see what happens after we disassemble the highly effective leased back-links which play such an important part in the successful suppression of our cases.

Malicious Attacks Against Wedding Service Providers

This page1.me client was struggling with lost sales due to false complaints filed their business. Page1.me was able to clear the first page of Google in less than six weeks. According to Google, clearing the first page of negative reviews reduces exposure by 94%.

International PR Firm & $Billion Client’s Google Crisis

A large international public relations firm engaged page1.me to suppress five damaging Google search results for the company’s name, that were appearing on page one of search. Page1.me expressed concerns that the Wikipedia article would be very difficult to remove from page 1, but the remaining results stood a much better chance. NOTE: The Wikipedia article in and of itself was not particularly damaging, the client simply did not want it taking pride of place for exact searches for the company name.

Within several months page1.me was able to successfully suppress three of the five targeted defamatory search results. As well as moving one of the more stubborn results from #2, down to #4. It is estimated that the client company’s revenue exceeds $1 billion per annum, a great deal of due diligence by prospective clients is conducted through Google. Although it is not readily ascertainable, it is assumed that the massive sales losses were significantly stemmed where the previous “train wreck” had caused so many difficulties. This was achieved by significantly reducing the company to ridicule and contempt as a consequence of the fallacious and injurious search results that appeared prior to the engagement.

Three very damaging search results were successfully removed from the first page of Google. The Amazon.com search result was particularly problematic, because independent Amazon merchants were hijacking the client company name and sell competing or unauthorized products. By reducing Amazon.com’s high-ranking search results, page1.me was able to significantly reduce sales losses through customers diversion to Amazon, through inaccurate search results.