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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  1. Enter the search phrase you wish to protect
  2. Choose your country
  3. Follow the steps to generate a quote.
Do you offer a guarantee?
YES and NO. If you are not satisfied with our performance after six weeks, you can suspend at any time and receive a no-charge extension for 14 days of service, in which time we will attempt to remedy whatever issue is troubling you. After the free extension, you can either (1) cancel the service altogether or (b) reinstate the project under the original payment and service terms.

FEES: How much does it cost?
Fees differ case-by-case, just follow the instructions above, and a quote will be generated real time, this price is for our flagship search suppression service and includes all work required for the project. Our other tailored solution are not included in this fee; for these you can request a tailored proposal.

Do you offer a free trial period?
Unfortunately our business model does not allow a free trial, this is because the first two weeks of service of the most labor-intensive and expensive for us. However, we do not lock you into a term contract. You can watch your progress daily through your dashboard. If you do not see satisfactory results, then you can just cancel anytime, or ask for a two-week extension at no charge for a risk-free assessment of potential improvements.

Can you completely remove a link or website from Google?
Yes we can, but that requires a custom solution. Our flagship service simply suppresses the unfavorable search results, causing them to lose ranking, by promoting other content above the negative results. But our litigation and investigation services can have the results completely removed from search engine indexes.

How soon will I see the first results?
In most cases you will see the first movements within the first two weeks. Sometimes you will see results bounce up and down on a daily basis until our work starts to take hold, but you will almost always see a downward trajectory trend.

Is Page1.me complicated?
Our methods are incredibly simple:

  1. Any negative search results that you identify and check will be pushed down in search results.
  2. All other search results will be pushed up in search results.

Do you create any new content for me?
Page1.me will produce new content and publish it to fill the “gaps” in your existing search result profile. This content is published within websites that you will be very familiar with, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and other high-profile and high-ranking domains. We may also utilize unfamiliar websites in order to build up a strategic matrix of high-quality backlinks to positive and neutral content, with a view to elevating their rank, which in turn displaces and dilutes the damage done by unfavorable content that you have targeted for suppression. As a secondary benefit, our work will also act as a buffer against new negative content, reducing the chance of its rapid appearance and high ranking, as you may have experienced in the past.

One of the images that shows up on Google is negative. Can you remove it?
We don’t target images specifically, however images tend to belong to the negative search pages. As they get pushed down, the images are usually devalued as well. If you need custom reputation management work for any specific image, please contact us directly for a quote.

How will you process my payments?
Your payments will be based on the quote you receive by filling out the form above. We accept credit cards on a subscription basis. You will only be charged in accordance with your quote and you’re not obligated to sign any contracts.

How can I cancel my subscription?
Simply email the cancellation request to [email protected] and it will be processed within 24-48 hours. Our business model is based on earning your business, so you can cancel at any time with no questions asked.

How long does my subscription last?
Your subscription will continue until  You tell us to eithercancel or convert the case to maintenance. Some clients prefer to push the negative results deeper than page 2 of Google; if this is your preference, simply postpone converting your case to maintenance until you are satisfied with search results. In other words, if you leave your case in active mode, we will continue to attempt to bury the targeted search results deeper, until you convert to maintenance mode.

Can you bury links beyond the second or third pages of Google?
While this is possible, it’s very expensive and most searchers don’t go beyond the first page of results anyway. If you’re a high net worth individual, or large corporation, please contact us for an assessment of your individual case.

How can I check my work?
You have access to a dashboard where we’ll list your rankings daily. You can also sign out of your Google accounts, clear your cache and search the term yourself. Our work is public because it’s visible on the search results.

I need to remove a larger number of keywords or have a particularly difficult case. What should I do?
Contact us for a personal assessment of your case.

Why do I get different google results when I search my term myself?
Google tracks every click you make and your search history. If your browser is logged by Google, they may show you different google results. The best way to get untainted results is to use the “Incognito” tab in the Google Chrome browser.

One week has passed but I don’t see any changes. Why is that?
Your project was started immediately but Google is not instantaneous. It can take 10-15 days for them to start registering the work. We usually know within 2 weeks if your case will be successful. We have found 81% of cases are successful, but you don’t have to worry.