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Page1.me was started by Journalist and Licenced Private Investigator, Michael Roberts, and a group of tech savvy victims of malicious online defamation.

After being attacked online in revenge for ousting several serial defamers and cyber criminals, Michael investigated and identified the perpetrators. Thereafter, we decided to get help from industry experts, we were very unhappy with the services offered and poor results

After hiring and firing several Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) services, we decided to create a new solution using our combined skills.

We launched Page1.me to give people control over Google results for their name and business

Founder, Michael Roberts
Licensed Private Investigator # 3589109
Journalist # A 10450 LAPC

Michael Roberts
Journalist & Licensed Private Investigator
Michael Roberts is a Journalist, Licensed Private Investigator and a civil/criminal litigation support specialist (Digital & Social Forensics). He has used these gifts to analyze and, inasmuch as it is possible, reverse engineer how Google works with respect to negative sentiment search results. This is with a view to helping victims of Internet defamation to regain their good names.

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William Anderson
Technical & Programming Specialist
William is our technical guru. With his knowledge of web programming and technical magic he can build and set up everything you can imagine. Thanks to William, our clients can keep track of their results in our dashboard and this way never miss anything.

Content Development & Search Engine Analyst
Christie is a UCLA graduate who first entered the tech sector as an instructor before obtaining a communication arts degree with Phi Beta Kappa honors. She is sought after for a diverse skill set that enables her to deliver effective, creative, out-of-the-box solutions to businesses suffering Internet-based reputation damage.

Online Defamation Victim Liaison
Having experienced online defamation and harassment first hand, Noah nurtures new client relationships with victims needing our help. Noah's successful navigation of the murky world of online trolls, coupled with his warm communication style lets him quickly understand the needs of our new clients, so we can get on with the important task of restoring their reputation and peace of mind.

Anna Brown
Digital Marketer & Designer
Anna Brown is involved in different areas for Page1.me. With her background in Online Marketing & Communication she sets us on the map and writes Free Help Guides for everyone.

Alexander VanderBilt Ph.D.
SEO Expert & Project Manager
Dr. Alexander Vanderbilt has over decade of experience in the field of internet marketing. His areas of expertise include SEO, link building, and project management. He has launched a number of online services and enhanced versions of existing services.