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Michael Roberts

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Michael Roberts is a Journalist, Licensed Private Investigator and a civil/criminal litigation support specialist (Digital & Social Forensics). He has used these gifts to analyze and, inasmuch as it is possible, reverse engineer how Google works with respect to negative sentiment search results. This is with a view to helping victims of Internet defamation to regain their good names

Recent Career Highlights

In 2013, Michael Roberts was engaged as a civilian agent in a floundering, multi-agency, 2-month national manhunt for a murder fugitive. He located the suspect in just 73 minutes leading to his arrest by U.S. Marshals.

Between 2004 and 2008 Michael coordinated digital forensics and counter-hacker training for the U.S. Air Force, Marines, Army and Navy. Other clients include NATO, Australian DoD and the United Nations, to name just a few.

He has consulted for law enforcement, corporate and private clients, ranging from bullied school children, celebrities, prosecutors, CEOs and Heads-of-State. In 2012 Michael secured the release of a man, who had been held in jail for 12 days, for allegedly sending electronic death threats. As part of a sting operation Michael Roberts was able to prove that the death threats were actually conveyed by the so-called victim in order to frame the client. In 2012, Michael gave Fairfax Media’s “The Age” a scoop, when he positively identified the man behind the fraudulent stock manipulation/takeover bid for David Jones Department Stores in Australia.

Michael was described by the investigative journalist as: “… an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter.”



Search Engine Analyst & Online Defamation Consultant 2008 to Present


Licensed Private Investigator & Litigation Support Consultant 2008 to Present Responsible for factual investigations in criminal and civil cases. Litigation support, preparation of technical subpoenas and warrants, preparation of depositions and interrogatories, expert witness testimony pertaining to Internet technologies and electronic evidence and artifacts. Preparing presentations - “publishing to the jury” to demystify technical evidence.


IT Security & Counter Hacking Education Facilitation 2003-2008 Responsible for identifying gaps in contemporary IT Security education, certifications and vulnerability best practices. Facilitated high level counter hacking and digital forensic courses for Military, Government and regulated industries throughout Australasia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Secured sole-source USAF contracts for “Red Team” hacker training for various Air Force bases globally.


Contract IT Instructor Broker - USA 1996 - 2003 Developed a network of over 900 instructors globally, primarily in the Information Technology arena. Clients were primarily large commercial training organizations requiring contract human resources for short-term training needs. The business began in his Chicago basement, with a handful of instructors, to a thriving business with over $7M in revenue.


Ideas and the Investor Ltd – Joint Venture Facilitator 1995-1996 “Ideas and the Investor” was a private company fully funded by the Australian Government. I&A was contracted to provide facilitation services between domestic and foreign investors and Australian inventors and innovators.   In the short life of the program, Michael was responsible for more funding and joint ventures than the other six states combined.


Entrepreneur 1986-1995 Various entrepreneurial pursuits


Australian Telecommunications Commission – Investigator 1986-1994 Investigator – Secret Clearance. After brief clerical employment with the Government owned “Telecom” company, Michael was seconded to a security department that investigated and monitored illegal activities using the Telecommunications infrastructure in cooperation with state and federal law enforcement agencies. Secret clearance given by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organization (ASIO). Youngest officer to be appointed to the position.


University of Central Queensland Rockhampton Australia 1993 Bachelor of Business (incomplete) Achievements: Set all-time school record for highest mark on major marketing assignment – “Comprehensive Business Plan”